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whipping cream

1 C heavy cream  •  2 T confectioner’s sugar  
1 tsp pure vanilla extract

Before you use the store bought can of whipping cream this holiday season, consider whipping up this delightful treat yourself. Making whipping can be something of an art, you really need to focus only on the whipping until you get the right consistency. The outcome we want is whipping cream, not butter. Let me simply share with you what I have found to work to make the perfect whipping cream.

Whipping Cream by The Stocked Pantry

Refrigerate your mixing bowl and beaters before beginning.

In a large mixing bowl that has been refrigerated, along with the beaters, pour in the heavy cream and beat on a high speed, in one direction, until soft peaks begin to form. You will know that a soft peak has formed when the mixture begins to thicken, you pull your beater out and the mixture will rise to a peak and then fall. At this point you want to add in your powdered sugar and pure vanilla extract. Continue to beat whipping cream until a peak is formed, this time the peak will not fall. This indicates that your whipping cream is at the right consistency, do not continue to beat as the mixture will turn to butter. Your whipping cream is ready to be served, enjoy!

Serves 6

God bless you and your families on this wonderful Thanksgiving Day! Hugs and kisses to my family and friends that we cannot be with this year. We love you and miss you all.


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