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simple cranberry sauce

1 12oz pkg cranberries, fresh  •  1 C sugar 
1 orange, medium size

For those of you who make their own cranberry sauce you probably have a recipe similar to this, but many don’t think to add in the orange rind. There are some of you however, that have always bought the can of cranberries, sliced them up and called it a day, am I right?  This year try something different and make my simple cranberry sauce passed down from my maternal grandmother. This is and has been my favorite recipe for cranberry sauce served with Thanksgiving dinner, my grandma makes it every year without fail. When I eat this sauce I am instantly taken back in time to a young girl who would sneak into the frig before dinner to savor the sweet and zesty flavors of this sauce.

Simple Cranberry Sauce from The Stocked Pantry

Wash storage container and set aside.


Wash fresh cranberries and set aside. Wash, slice and seed orange then cut it up into about 1-inch squares, leaving the rind ON and set aside. In a blender or food processor pulse together on low the cranberries, diced orange and sugar until desired consistency is obtained. Pour mixture into a airtight container and store in the refrigerator for up-to one week. You can also store sauce in a freezer safe air tight container and freeze for later use.

Serves 8-10

Notes: Make this recipe a few days ahead of time and allow the flavors to marinade together.

thank you all so much for your continued support in following my blog and trying out my recipes. I hope they are enjoyable to you and your family as they have been for mine. Have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends.


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