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beths june bug

3 C ginger ale  •  4 T grenadine  •  4 T orange juice
3 scoops orange sherbet  •  1/2 C light rum (optional)

Since I don’t live in the south, there are many fun foods and drinks that are continually new to me. Maybe I live in the dark ages, but I had never heard of or had a June Bug until recently – don’t worry, it was a virgin June Bug! Last week my friend Beth hosted our monthly Bunco group and made these yummy drinks. To make them even more fun and enticing she cleverly served the June Bug in mason jar glasses and tied ribbon on all the virgin drinks for us pregnant ladies. I enjoyed them thoroughly and asked if I could share her fun idea with ya’ll. Thanks Beth!

Directions: Mix all ingredients in a pitcher and blend well. Serve with ice in a fun little glass of your choice. Enjoy!

Nutrition Facts: None given

Serves 4

notes: This is a fun idea for your next birthday party or shower, I plan on making something similar for a bridal tea I will be hosting at my house next week.

… Yay, it’s the weekend. Happy Friday!


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