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grilled meatballs

1 lb ground beef  •  1 egg  •  1/2 C bread crumbs
2 cloves garlic, crushed • 1/2 an onion, minced and sautéed  
2 T parsley flakes, dried  •  1 T salt  •  1 tsp italian seasoning  
1 T olive oil  •  pepper to taste

Meatballs go a long way in our home, from the traditional spaghetti and meatballs to a meatball pizza, we love every dish. I have many different recipes for meatballs and recently I made this recipe on the grill. The great thing about grilling a meatball is that they quickly cook and you have little mess. I love the smokey flavors and the charred outer edges that the grill also gives each meatball. Although crisp and slightly charred on the outside the meat is still tender in the center. Along with these meatballs I grilled up some tomatoes and zucchini and tossed them with some mini ziti pasta and extra virgin olive oil.

Prep: In a large bowl, using your hands, mix the ground beef, sautéed onions (saute the onions in the olive oil) and garlic. Once combined add the egg, bread crumbs and all the dried ingredients. Continue to mix until the egg and bread crumbs are combined. Roll out the meatballs in about 1 inch circles and place in grilling basket, I would suggest using the Williams Sonoma Meatball Grill Basket which you can purchase below. Enjoy with your favorite pasta dish, sandwich bread or pizza toppings. Meatballs can be frozen for 2 months.

Makes about 12

notes: I also like using tomato sauce and red chilli flakes in my meatballs for added flavor and kick.

buy now: Williams Sonoma Meatball Grill Basket

… Happy Thursday!


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