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simple grilled cheese

8 slices Ann’s Oat Bread  •  4 slices Colby Longhorn cheese
4 slices Monterey Jack cheese  •  4 T salted butter

If you haven’t already tried the recipe for Ann’s Oat Bread, maybe this recipe will inspire you to do so. Of course, there are many other ways to use the oat bread but this is one of my kiddo’s favorites. Crispy on the outside, gooey and cheesy middle, all this sandwich needs is a soup to accompany it.

Prep: Butter bread slices and place face down on a medium-hot skillet. Place slices of cheese on half the bread and top with the other half for bread. Continue to brown each side until golden and crisp. Serve immediately along with your favorite soup.

Serves 2-4

notes: There is no right or wrong way to build a grilled cheese, use your favorite cheese, sliced apples or other creative fillings.

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2 thoughts on “simple grilled cheese

  1. I have just read about Ann’s Oat Bread and commented, and now when that is done will certainly make the grilled cheese that is here. this would be great with fresh tomato basil soup also. A great snowy day meal indeed.

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